Sealed, Filled, Spilled

God seals every believer as his own private property. He desires that we all are filled with the Spirit and have such a walk with him, that we can count on being so, when the need and occasion arises or demands for it. We are to be spilled out into this world as an offering of a sweet smell to bud out and branch forth to reach this world with the gospel for Jesus Christ. Hence, the somewhat strange title for this session is: Sealed, Filled, Spilled.


Reasons For The Christian Judgment

If Christians are indeed already saved, why then do we as believers need to be judged? Here is a sobering message that should cause all of us in the body of Christ to wake up and think, as well as get serious about our treatment of others and service to God. The title is: Reasons For The Christian Judgment.

He Opened Their Understanding

It is frustrating when you just cannot, for the life of you, understand what someone is trying to say to you. The good news is, that, contrary to what many people think, the Bible is indeed quite understandable. The title of this session is: He Opened Their Understanding.