The Defense Of Peter And John

Christians are to be known as peaceable and law abiding citizens and people. But, when circumstances arise and the situation calls for it, we are not to be hesitant or ashamed to defend our faith and position. Our sermon this time is from Acts chapter 4, verses 1 through 22. The title is: The Defense Of Peter And John.


I Will Love Them Freely

Love is one of the strongest forces in the world. Many have spent large sums of money to try to buy love. But, God’s love is available for free and can be enjoyed by anyone who will call upon his name. This sermon, from Hosea chapter 14, is called: I Will Love Them Freely.

The Peace Of Jesus

Many people have spent their entire lifetime searching for enduring, lasting, real, peace. The joy is, that this peace is not only freely available, but it is found in Jesus Christ. When you are born again and have that wonderful relationship with God the Father through the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, you do indeed have peace. This sermon from John’s gospel is entitled: The Peace Of Jesus.

The Voice Of My Beloved

One of the things you enjoy the most about your loved ones, and the thing you miss the most when they are gone, is the sound of their voice. This sermon from the Song Of Solomon compares that kind of voice to an even more cherished one, that is, the voice of our Beloved Lord. Our title is: The Voice Of My Beloved.

The Two Commendable Churches

John speaks to seven actual, individual churches of Asia MoMinor in the book of the Revelation. This reaches out and has to do by spiritual application, to all of the church age and to the church as a whole, as well as individual congregations today. Of these seven churches, five of them had at least some condemnation against them. Only two of them were said to be commendable, with no strikes against them. One is the suffering Smyrna church, while the other, is the faithful Philadelphia church. The title of the session is: The Two Commendable Churches.