Being Aware Of His Presence

The greatest thing without doubt in the life of the believer, is the presence of god. Even when you cannot get to church or are unable to be with anyone else, you can always have his presence right there with you. The Song Of Solomon chapter 6 finds the Lady and her Lover getting back together again, after having had a misunderstanding. The spiritual application is that of our Lord Lover and us. When things aren’t right between us, we lack his presence and long to have it restored to us as before. May this sermon from a book which is hardly ever preached from, help us to be more aware of God’s presence.

Being Aware Of His Presence! A sermon from Song Of Solomon chapter 6.

Instruction For Christian Disciples

This Bible teaching session uses verses primarily from Matthew chapter 10, with reference also being made to the great Commission, in the latter part of chapter 28. Jesus makes sure that his disciples are properly instructed in order to successfully carry out the work of God in the spreading of the good news of the gospel.

Instruction For Christian Disciples! A Bible teaching session using verses from the gospel of Matthew.

God Happy

People have looked to all sorts of things in life to bring happiness or make them happy. Even if it only lasts for a little while, folks will go to extreme measures to be happy or find happiness. This Bible sermon from Psalm 144 gives the seven God Happy Elements. Oh, that they were those of your life, my life, and the lives of all around us; and, the wonderful truth is, that they can be.

God Happy! Is a Bible sermon from Psalms 144.

Upside Down Living

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our world is upside down. But we take the opportunity, using verses from the gospel of Matthew in chapters 5 and 6, to talk about another kind of Upside Down Living. The kingdom of God is seen in such stark contrast to the system of this world and certainly to that of the kingdom of darkness, that we are seen as people of Upside Down Living.

Upside Down Living! A Bible teaching session from Matthew chapters 5 and 6.

Eyes Of Flesh Or Faith

Some people only see things through eyes of flesh, while others see them through eyes of faith. Three Old Testament examples come before us to help us to look at things not only with our physical eyes, but also to see them through eyes of faith. This will ensure that we have the proper godly perspective.

Here is a sermon entitled: Eyes Of Flesh Or Faith.

The Cost Of Discipleship

Anybody can become a follower of Jesus Christ, but it costs something to be a disciple. This Bible teaching session uses verses from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, to help us not only count the cost of discipleship, but also causes us to understand that any price we have to pay for following the Lord and identifying with him, pales in comparison to what he has already gone through for us, and the eternal reward awaiting us in heaven.

The Cost Of Discipleship! A Bible teaching session using verses from Matthew and Luke.

KISS, Keep It So Simple!

Paul had a real concern that the Corinthian believers would be pulled away from the simplicity which is in Christ and be tricked by a false, qseudo gospel. He compares it with the story which started it all in the beginning. Eve was tricked by the serpent and that is where all sin began. If the church allows herself to be entangled either by the corruption of worldly bondage again, or accepts the new age religion rather than pure old-fashioned salvation, the same thing could happen that caused things to be in a mess as it was after the fall of humanity, and will result in things being the same way spiritually. Staying true to a simple gospel that works will avoid all of this.

KISS, Keep It So Simple! A Bible message about the simplicity in Christ.

The Calling Of Discipleship

It is amazing how simple the gospel really is. Jesus called his disciples in the beginning, with a simple, yet profound two word phrase: Follow me. Yes, what a chance they took, but it has changed the lives of millions since then. And the same simple invitation is given to you today from our blessed Redeemer. Have you recieved Jesus as Savior and made him your Lord yet? If not, may this bible teaching session from the gospels of Matthew and Mark encourage you to do so. And for those of you who are believers, may this help us all to be somewhat better at spreading the good news of the gospel and getting the word of god out to those who so

desperately need it.

The Calling Of Discipleship! A Bible teaching session from Matthew chapters 4 and 9, and Mark 3.

Loving Without Idolizing

God’s word tells us to love him supremely above all. We are also to love the children of god, and honor those especially who teach and labor in the word of the Lord. God blesses those who take care of their pastors and honor those who minister to them and instruct them in the faith. But, we are to be careful not to Idolize anyone, or put someone up higher than they should be. This is what this bible message is all about.

Loving Without Idolizing! A Bible message produced by Tony Broome Ministries

One Thing 2

Why would I put One Thing as the title, and then put a number 2? It is because in the archives, there is already a file with that name. But, this is so important, that the theme needs to be revisited. It is terrible for one to live their life and come to the end, only to find that the One Thing they should have done, they didn’t. Don’t let that be your lot. Do that One thing you need to do today if you have not done so already. Receive Jesus as your Savior, making him your Lord.

One Thing 2! Is a Bible message from verses in Luke and Philippians.