Human Sinfulness Increases

Genesis chapter 6 has one of those controversial Bible views. Were the sons of god who took the daughters of men as wives mere men, or, were they fallen angels, sent by the evil one to hurt Father god by marring his creation? While I take the view that they were indeed fallen angels, there are wonderful men and women of god who believe them only to be the evil line of Cain or the Canaanites who, married the line of Seth. While this doesn’t matter a hill of beans to salvation, eternity, heaven or hell, it is indeed an interesting subject and, certainly explains why the earth had gotten so corrupt in Noah’s day, that God had no other choice but to destroy it and every living thing through the waters of a flood. Thank, God! Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and, that is why we are here today to live to tell about it. Be blessed, with this bible teaching session from Genesis 6, entitled: Human Sinfulness Increases. And, if you have not as of yet made that all important decision of receiving Christ as your Savior and making him your Lord, I urge you to do that right now, today!

Human Sinfulness Increases! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 6.

I Thought I Was Like Jesus

All of us desire to be more like Jesus. Paul labored fervently in his epistles to help us to be more conformed to the image of Christ. Father God desires this as much as anything else. Sometimes, we feel so unworthy. Other times, we think we might not be doing so bad. I Thought I Was Like Jesus, until the Lord brought to me the two uses of the word Example in his life and ministry; his, Example of Serving and, his Example of suffering. May this sermon help all of us to be more like our Lord.

I THOUGHT I WAS LIKE JESUS! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

Human Sinfulness Begins

What a beautiful garden into which man was placed when he was first created. With no lack of anything, he was allowed to dress, eat from, and keep the very garden of God. No pain or ill of any kind would ever bother him. But alas! He did what god told him not to do, and we have been doing so ever since. This bible teaching session is from chapters 3 and 4 of the book of Genesis. Here, man and woman are tempted and sin begins. Praise God! It did not stop there. Even though we had free will and could have refused the devil’s evil offer, we did not, but god had already provided a way of redemption before the foundation of the world. His eternal plan, whereby he would send his only begotten son Jesus into the world to save us all, sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is really the only thing that is true. Give your heart and life to Christ today, and make plans to join him in something and somewhere which is far better than the best and most beautiful garden.

Human Sinfulness Begins! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 3 and 4.

Jesus Joy

People have tried everything in the world to get and keep joy. But real joy is only found in Jesus Christ. This Bible sermon is about Jesus Joy.

Jesus Joy! A Sermon from the gospel of John.

God Created Everything For His Glory

Bible believing people have no problem believing and understanding that god created and made everything. But, in doing so, he did it for his own glory. Even so, there is much good which comes to us as his creation, if we will submit to him and do what he says. This Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 1 takes a small view at the great God and the vastness of his splendid creation. Instead of trying to figure out every little detail as science tries to do, we keep it simple, and let the Bible tell us what it has to say about it. As one of God’s created people, are you actually his child? You can be. Place your hand in the nail-scarred hand of Jesus the Nazarene, the one who suffered and bled and died for you, and rose again from the dead, now waiting in heaven at the Father’s right hand on the throne, just to hear your request of prayer for his salvation. A simple prayer like: God, be merciful to me, a sinner; is all it takes, for you to be saved, and become a child of god through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ.

God Created Everything For His Glory! A Bible teaching session From Genesis chapter 1.

His Hands

Here is a bible sermon about the works of the hands of Jesus; the things he did as recorded in the Gospels. We cannot include everything he did, for John said, that if everything he did might be written that most likely, the world itself could not contain the books which should be written. We will concentrate on those things that specifically refer to the hands of Jesus. He is not here anymore physically with his hands; but, as the body of Christ, we are the extended hands and feet of Jesus.

His Hands! A sermon about the hands of Jesus.

Saying Different Things Without Contradiction

We know that the bible, God’s word, is always the same; it says what it means, and means what it says. This is because its Author, God himself, is unchanging. “I am the LORD, I change not; Malachi 3:6. But, even though God’s word is always the same, within that word, God can say different things, yet without ever having one contradiction. In this bible study, we take some situations that some might deem fearful or dreadful ground on which to trod. Yet, as always, God has a favorable and peaceful path for us, and an ending of glory and good.

Saying Different Things Without Contradiction! A bible study produced by Tony Broome Ministries

God Created Everything

In the beginning, God! If you’re okay there, you’ll be all right all the way through. If you have problems here, you will continue having them all through the Bible. The truth is, that God did create everything, including you and I, in his image, after his likeness. Although we were all born in sin, God has made provision so that we do not have to stay that way. He has provided for your salvation and all of the good things he has in store for you. How do I get all of that? You Ask. Just by receiving Christ as your Savior and making him your Lord. This entitles you to a special relationship with Father God and gives you inheritance in all of his manifold blessings. Enjoy this Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 2.

God Created Everything! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 2.

Jesus’ Generation Jargon

You know what Jargon is, don’t you? From what I can tell, usually it is just a bunch of talk. Sometimes, it is informative, and other times, it’s just talk. But, Jesus has a lot to say about this generation. Not just the time in which he was living on earth, but it still covers now, in this moment and time in which we are living. I am elated to bring this to you, and am delighted that you have chosen to tap in, click in, tune in, or however you have gotten in. Thanks, for being a part of my listening family. And, if you’re not part of God’s family yet, this is the best time to get that taken care of, once and for all. If you care enough about your soul to ask him to save you, Jesus cares more than enough to do just that.

Jesus Generation Jargon! A Bible study produced by Tony Broome Ministries