The Matchless Savior

The book of Hebrews presents Christ as superior to men, angels, and everything and everyone. Here is a Bible teaching session from Hebrews chapters 2, 3, and 4, entitled: The Matchless Savior.

The Matchless Savior! A Bible Teaching Session from the book of Hebrews.

When God Visits You

It is amazing that the God of the universe would love mankind and care enough about us to actually come and visit us. This is not a visit as in a short glimpse or even a brief stay. He comes to dwell in and live with us. But, there are times when he visits us in special ways and manifests himself to us. Whenever we need this kind of visit, he is eager to share himself with us. This bible message from the book of Psalms is entitled: When God Visits You.

When God Visits You! A Bible message from the book of Psalms

God The Son, From Hebrews One

Have you noticed how beautifully and poetically Hebrews chapter 1 begins? God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken to us by his Son. Christ is presented here with Scriptural proof from the Old Testament to verify his Sonship and Lordship. God the Father himself gives witness and praise to His Son, even calling him God and Lord. My question to you is, Is he your God? Is he your Lord? This is what this Bible teaching session, entitled: God The Son, From Hebrews One, is all about; to help you make that all-important, life changing decision to follow Christ and have your sins forgiven. You will never regret it, and your life will never be the same.

GOD THE SON, FROM HEBREWS ONE! A Tony Broome Ministries Production

Continual Death And Life

There is a sense in the life of a believer, that both Death and Life are to be Continual. Learn all about it in this sermon, entitled: Continual Death And Life.

CONTINUAL DEATH AND LIFE! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

When Two Sticks Become One Rod

Welcome to this Bible message from Ezekiel chapter 37. This passage starts right after the vision of the valley of dry bones. God uses Ezekiel to do a two stick demonstration, in which he shows how God will miraculously join the two divided kingdoms of Israel into one united nation. There is a lot of division in our world today and sadly, even in churches. But, the one who did this stick miracle sign can do it again, and make a whole body of Christ come together as one. As the title says, this is what happens: When Two Sticks Become One Rod.

When Two Sticks Become One Rod! A bible message from Ezekiel chapter 37.

One Race, Many Nations

There is so much talk in our world today about race. The media constantly seeks to pollute the minds of our generation, convincing everyone that everybody is against everyone else. Here again, God’s word the Bible, has the real answer. Actually, there is only one race. We are all part of Adam’s race; and, even when God had to hit the reset button and start all over again with Noah and his family, we all are descendants of them after the flood. Even though there are different groups and kinds, we all still live together in one earth, and if we know the Lord, we will be together forever, in one heaven. This bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 10 and 11 is entitled: One Race, Many Nations.

One Race, Many Nations! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 10 and 11

Warning Refusal

One of the things God told the Old Testament prophets was, Warn the people for me. Maybe, they will give ear and turn from their evil ways. But, what happens when they refused to return and repent? This sermon from Jeremiah chapter 6 and John chapter 16, takes a look at what it means to refuse God’s warning, and also provides the answer for our generation. Our title is: Warning Refusal!

Warning Refusal! A Sermon from Jeremiah 6 and John 16.

Crisis Experience

You only have to be a breathing person in our world today, to know, admit, and readily declare that we are in a crisis. But that is only the negative side of crisis. In the Christian life, there are crises too, but not all of it is negative; especially, when one makes the right decisions. This time we look at the three works of grace as being a Crisis Experience. Salvation, Sanctification, and Spirit Baptism, all can be encountered in what is known as a crisis situation. May God give you all he has for you and may you be open to it all, as you listen to this bible message, entitled: Crisis Experience. There are many experiences in life, but god wants you to experience him and all of his goodness. Be blessed.

CRISIS EXPERIENCE! A Bible Message Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

God’s Covenant With Noah

Welcome to this bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 8 and 9. Our title this time is: God’s Covenant With Noah. Thank God on high. For the Rainbow in the sky!

God’s Covenant With Noah! A bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 8 and 9


In your bible reading, you have no doubt come across the two word expression: God Forbid. It is used primarily in Paul’s writings, mostly in the book of Romans. This sermon gives attention to that phrase as a title: God Forbid!

GOD FORBID! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries