Where Is Your Faith?

Jesus is sailing with his disciples on the sea of Galilee. He falls asleep, when suddenly, a storm comes up. Master, Master, we are going to perish! They exclaim. He gets up, rebukes the wind and the water, and calmly asks, Where Is Your Faith? This is the title of our session this time. The message from Luke chapter 8 is given, after the congregation is exhorted and holy Communion is observed. Enjoy, be blessed; and, if you can get yourself the elements of the bread and cup, feel free to join in with us in partaking of Communion together.


The Power Of Darkness

On the way to Calvary, Jesus told the multitude, This is your hour and The Power Of Darkness. It would seem as though the power of evil had won. Everything was so bleak, dark, gloomy, and uncertain. But, soon the sun, s u n, would shine again, because the Son, S o n, would rise again! Be encouraged by this Tony Broome Ministries Bible Presentation, called: The Power Of Darkness.

Author And Finisher Of Our Faith

When we were first introduced to the new Word Press editor, my system went into what I might call Technological Shock! I just felt like I can not do it. I can not manage that new block thing, after having used the classic editor for so long. But, once I tried it, I found just how neat it was and how well it went along with the posts I use to integrate with the ministry podcast episodes and sessions. In the same way, perhaps, you have been challenged with giving your heart and life to Christ. While you really wanted to, you have just maybe, allowed the enemy to deceive you into thinking that you could never be good enough to live as a Christian. Well, that is right in itself; for, none of us are good enough in ourselves. But, as this Bible teaching session says, Jesus is the Author And Finisher Of Our Faith. He will save you, forgive you, and even actually help you through his Holy Spirit, to live for, love and serve him. And, on top of all of that, you will be enjoying eternal life! There is no deal anywhere else in the whole universe that can even come close to that. So, while you listen to the audio, just go ahead and commit your heart and life to our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome To The Sane Asylum

Everyone has heard of the Insane Asylum. Perhaps, your parents, or even your spouse has threatened to send you there when you didn’t do what was right or act like they thought you should have. but, what about the Sane Asylum? There is a place of sanity, safety, security; a place of refuge and shelter. It is not found in this world or even in science, education, or technology. It is only found in God, having a relationship with him through his Son Jesus Christ. Receive him as your Savior and make him your Lord today, if you have not done so already. Allow him to forgive your sins and write your name in his blessed Lamb’s book of life. Then, even though the world might think that you are crazy, you will have done the most sensible and notorious thing that one could ever have done, because you will have just made the best decision that you will ever make. That is, to receive Christ as Savior and Lord, and live for, love and serve God the rest of your days while on this earth. Finding refuge in God, dwelling in the secret hiding place of the Most High, and abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, is not only a neat thing, but when your time on this earth is over, you will as Psalm 23 says at the end: Dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Enjoy, and be lifted up, by this Bible study session, called: Welcome To The Sane Asylum.

His Translation

Here is a bible sermon that uses the story of Enoch. He lived during the Old Testament times, even so far back as to be said to be the seventh from Adam. This man walked with God so cloesly, that one day, he just simply walked on into the presence of God. We will see and hear of course, through the audio, that His Translation, compares very closely with our own translation, when Jesus comes to call his Church out of the world at the Rapture. Our topic this time is: His Translation.

The New Way To Pray

The disciples were with Jesus and they heard him praying. Teach us to pray, they humbly requested. He promptly gave them the manner in which to pray, known as the Lord’s or Model prayer. Then in John chapter 16, nearing the end of his earthly life and ministry, he instructs them in a new way to pray. This would be their pillow and stay, when Christ would not be there with them physically. I hope and trust that this bible message will encourage you today, to pray in a new way, in a way which perhaps, you have not been so engaged in before. The message title is: The New Way To Pray.

The New Way To Pray! A bible message from John chapter 16.

The Divine Mediator

Job, pronounced Jobe, was a righteous man, but he suffered tremendously. If only there were someone to stand between God and man, he cried out, someone who could bring us together so we could work things out! Well, that Divine Mediator not only answers this man’s plea, but Jesus is the answer for all of our world today. Here is a Bible teaching session from the book of Hebrews; chapters 6, 7, and 8, which sets forth Jesus as our great high priest, intercessor, Mediator. The title is: The Divine Mediator!

The Divine Mediator! A Bible teaching session from the book of Hebrews.

Children Of Light

People often say that they just cannot understand the Bible. But one message from the Bible is clear; and that is, that we as believers are Children Of Light. That is the title for this sermon which is surrounded with a spirit of praise. Enjoy and be blessed.

CHILDREN OF LIGHT! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

Sinfully Sick

The first part of Isaiah chapter 1 talks about God’s people Israel in a state of rebellion against God. The prophet describes it as; the whole head is sick, and the heart faint. America and the nations of the world can certainly draw parallels from this passage. Here is a Bible message called: Sinfully Sick. This surely describes a nation, people, city, town, or even an individual who is either away from God or has never known him.

Sinfully Sick! A bible message from Isaiah chapter 1.