Christ Challenges Conventional Thinking

Luke chapter 14 finds Jesus eating dinner with one of the chief Pharisees. He takes the opportunity to heal someone, and also to change the way those around him were thinking. This is what needs to happen to us if we are going to be able to deal with people and reach sinners in the same way that Jesus did.

Christ Challenges Conventional Thinking! A Bible teaching session from Luke chapter 14.

What A Mess!

We look around at our country and the world in which we live and exclaim, What a mess! Jesus is the only answer to fix the mess we have made of things.

What A Mess! A sermon from Psalms 35, verses 11 to 18.

The Preeminence Of Love

Here is a Bible teaching session from Luke chapter 10. Christ is pictured in the story of the good Samaritan through the mercy he extends to us and the love he shows.

The Preeminence Of Love