After My Departing

Like, Jesus Christ himself, Paul was concerned about the church and the condition it would be in after his departing. This is brought out from Acts chapter 20, in this sermon called: After My Departing.

The Books

Books on top of books. Everybody seems to be writing a new book. This sermon is called: The Books. God gives us 66 books on how to live in one precious book called, the Bible. It will guide your life and prepare you for eternity. Be blessed.

From Creation To Glorification

Tony Broome Ministries brings you this sermon entitled: From Creation To Glorification. We take a Bible look at human existence from the conception and creation of a person to glorification. When a believer dies, he or she is with the Lord awaiting the resurrection and glorification of the body. You will enjoy, be blessed, and encouraged from the Scriptures in this presentation as I was, when the Lord was giving it to me and when it was being delivered and spoken.


Principles For The Christian Home

Paul wrote most of the New Testament. In his epistles, he tirelessly continues to encourage us to teach God’s word and train our children in the way they should go. If there is any time that the principles of the Bible are needed it is now. Our homes should of course be Christian homes, that extend and promote the principles of godly living to the world. This teaching session is entitled: Principles For The Christian Home.

The Place Of Love And Royalty

Other than heaven, I think that the best place one might want to be, is a place of love and royalty. That is the name of this sermon: The Place Of Love And Royalty.

Do Not Be A Pull Back Jack!

One of the things which has stood out for so many, is the unusual titles the Lord gives or, at least, allows to be used for some of the teaching and preaching sessions. Here is one title that is unusual, but is used to give a little lightness to the heavy subject matter. When people start following the Lord and then turn back, it is a serious thing indeed. Be blessed and helped from this session, whose strange title is: Do Not Be A Pull Back Jack!

Keep Marriage Sacred

Marriage is a sacred thing. It is the first thing that God did to establish the home and family. He brought Adam and Eve together in the first official marriage, and ever since then, he, the Creator, has designed that marriage is between a man and a woman. Anything outside of this relationship that might be called marriage is an abomination and perversion of God’s way and word, and even common sense. In this Bible teaching session called, Keep Marriage Sacred, we take a look at the Scriptural foundation of marriage from the book of Genesis in the beginning, and then properly compare it together with what Christ taught in the gospels and Paul wrote in his epistles. Be blessed, my Beloved. God bless and help and save our marriages, which correspond, better than anything else in this world, to that of Christ and his Bride, the Church.

The Cross Is Crucial

The cross that someone hangs around their neck or which is hung in a church or temple is not to be worshipped. but, the cross is an important and integral part of the Christian faith and life. This sermon is called: The Cross Is Crucial. And, it is crucial that the world knows about Christ and the cross of Calvary, for it was there that he shed his blood for our sins and suffered and died. He rose victoriously over death, hell, and the grave, so now, the cross means more than a piece of jewelry. It is the emblem of suffering and shame, but also the object of glory and grace.

The Right Way To Release A Prisoner

If you have ever watched old Barny on television, you certainly know that there is a right way and a wrong way to release a prisoner. Here is a bible message which presents the most simple, yet divine and dynamite way to set the captive and prisoner free. The title is: The Right Way To Release A Prisoner.