Increasing Ministry And Stephen’s Martyrdom

Here is a Bible teaching session from the book of Acts, chapters 6 and 7. While we rejoice in the expansion of the gospel during the time of the early church and the apostolic working of miracles through the supernatural power of god, we are sobered by the account of Stephen, who is the first Christian martyr. Since then, many have been called on to give their life in ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Christ. From the primitive start of the church, through the awakenings and great revivals, tent crusades, stadium and open air meetings, to now large auditoriums and digital recording including live streaming of services; we can see that methods can and do indeed change, yet god and his word and the good news of the gospel is still the same. The fact that Jesus died on the old rugged cross and shed his blood for sinners, and that he now is risen and lives eternally to save us all, is what is the supreme important thing.

Increasing Ministry And Stephen’s Martyrdom! A Bible teaching session from Acts chapters 6 and 7.

Daubby Hobby Lobby

I fear God so, I wouldn’t blame him for all of these kooky titles on some of my sermons. But, as I was drawn to Ezekiel’s prophecy, which is one of my favorite Scripture passages in the word of God, this title just jumped at me and I am glad the Lord let me catch it, and use it. One of the major points in this sermon: Daubby Hobby Lobby, is that we can have too many hobbies in our lobby. May our Lord use this to help his people and for his glory.

Daubby Hobby Lobby! A Sermon from the book of Ezekiel.

Encountering Deception And Persecution

Since the day of Pentecost, the world has seen a global expansion of the church of Jesus Christ. With the instructions of the great Commission to, Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every nation, we now find ourselves in this late hour in which we live here in the last days. From the very beginning, even with all the good that our Lord himself and the early church did, there was severe persecution. Paul said there would be, All those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution; Second Timothy 3:12. May this Bible teaching session from Acts chapter 5 encourage us today, especially, those of us who may be going through hard times, even though we are serving God and desire to do good towards others.

Encountering Deception And Persecution! A Bible teaching session from Acts chapter 5.

Turn Up The Torch

This Bible sermon from Philippians chapter 2 encourages us as believers to, Turn Up The Torch. We are living in a very dark world. Instead of being gripped by despair and fear, this is even a greater reason to turn up the light and let it shine brighter than ever.

Turn Up The Torch! A sermon from Philippians chapter 2.

I Will Manifest Myself

Jesus gives us a most wonderful promise in John chapter 14. In fact, there are a number of them, but none any more precious than this: I Will Manifest Myself. Jesus promises that he will manifest himself to anyone who has his commandments and keeps them; those who love him and have a relationship with the Father through the Spirit. If you do not have such today, you desperately need it in today’s troubled world. Open your heart and receive him into your life right now. Then, whenever you want him, he will be right there for you and with you, to manifest himself.

I Will Manifest Myself! A sermon from John chapter 14.

The Growing Church

There is a lot of research and discussion going on nowadays about how to grow a church. We already have the greatest example of a growing church in the book of Acts. Yet, there are many today, including a lot of preachers, who see the early church as a bunch of babies learning how to live as believers, who were misled and certainly inexperienced. If that is true, then why do we fail so miserably in soul winning and the supernatural, while they had conversions and healings by the multitudes? I would solemnly affirm, that their way is surpassing ours by a long shot. Our generation can certainly learn from the early church as to how to grow the church, and hopefully we can even avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that they made. This pointed, yet down-to-earth manner of teaching from the book of Acts will help us to be the growing church in our day, and make sure that we adhere to the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.

The Growing Church! A Bible teaching session from the book of Acts

Pentecost Mountain

Today you are invited to climb Pentecost Mountain. In fact, this sermon presents several mountains we can climb by faith, which have to do with Pentecost. Jesus wants you to have your own personal relationship with God the Father through him, and this includes a life of holiness, and fullness of power through the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Mountain! A sermon produced by Tony Broome Ministries

Lift Up Look Up

The Psalms have been a source of comfort, encouragement, faith, and strength for multitudes of saints down through the years. This Bible message from Psalms 141 is sent forth to help you to, as the title says: Lift Up Look Up.

Lift Up Look Up! A Bible message from Psalms 141

Waiting For The Holy Spirit

After the resurrection, Jesus assured his disciples that all authority and power in heaven and earth was his, and therefore, it was at their disposal. He gave them the great Commission, to Go into all the world, and make disciples of all nations. But, he expressly charged them, not to do so, until they had waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit. They did so, and on the day of Pentecost, he came and filled them, giving them the power they needed to get the job done. You and I are to wait for the Spirit also, not to come as a person, for he is already here, and has been so since the day of Pentecost. We wait for him because he is already waiting for us, to get ourselves in tune with God and our hearts and minds where they ought to be, so we will be in the right position of perspective to receive him in his fulness. May this Bible teaching session from the books of Luke and Acts cause you to hunger after his fullness, until the Spirit comes and baptizes and fills you to overflowing.

Waiting For The Holy Spirit! A Bible teaching session from Luke and Acts

Oh No, Not Again!

There is an expression that we use when something bad or unexpected happens. We will undoubtedly say: Oh No, Not Again! This is the title for the sermon this time, taken from the book of Galatians. Paul warns us as believers about the danger of turning back to the world, but assures us that we don’t have to do it or even worry about it. Enjoy, be blessed, and if you are someone who has fallen away or is walking with God from a distance, let me encourage you to simply come back to your first Love, today.

Oh No, Not Again! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries