Salvation And Divine Favor Promised

Jeremiah chapter 32 is one of those interesting chapters. On one hand, there is judgment because of sin. Yet on the other, God extends his goodness to undeserving people. Part of the prophet’s prayer to God was, Lord, there is nothing to difficult for you. God’s answer to him assures him that indeed, Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Though the future looked bleak and hopeless, God promised through his divine favor and provision, to restore his people to their land again. Be blessed and encouraged, from this Bible teaching session from Jeremiah chapter 32.

Salvation And Divine Favor Promised! A Bible teaching session from Jeremiah chapter 32.

When Holiness Leaks Out Of The House

Psalms 74 gives a disturbing picture of what happens when sin enters the house and holiness is allowed to leak out. Picture a balloon filled with Holiness Helium gas. When it flies over the sad story given in Psalm 74, you realize that it is in deep trouble, when its Holiness Helium gas begins leaking out. This sermon shows what happens when this takes place and gives remedy that is only found in God through Christ, and the fullness of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

When Holiness Leaks Out Of The House! A Sermon from Psalms 74.

Sin, Punishment, And Promised Restoration

Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet. God used his personality to show the love of God and the anguish he had toward his own people, who were bent on backsliding and refused to return to their God. This teaching session is from Jeremiah chapters 8 and 31. Because they rejected God’s word, there were severe consequences for it. But, God, according to his unfailing mercy and never ending love, promised them a new covenant. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we enjoy the benefits of this new covenant of blood, mercy, love, and grace even now; though, Israel, as a nation has rejected their Messiah, and must wait until after the Church is raptured for their fulfillment, when they will be grafted in again, into their own olive tree. No wonder Paul cries out in the book of Romans, chapter 11 verse 33: “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

Sin, Punishment, And Promised Restoration! A Bible teaching session from Jeremiah chapters 8 and 31.

Hankering For Heaven

Have you ever had a Hankering for something? I’m sure you have. The old timers know what the word, Hankering is. I might have a Hankering for sweets or a good cup of coffee or, a mouth watering, flavored fried food. Although the doc says it is not good for me, every once in a while, I just have to indulge. But what about having a Hankering For Heaven? This sermon from Philippians chapter 1, will help us get our mind from being so much on this world, and rekindle our desire and longing for our heavenly home.

Hankering For Heaven! A sermon to get us excited about going to that beautiful place.

Evidence Of Christ’s Resurrection

Here is a Bible teaching session from John chapter 20, entitled: Evidence Of Christ’s Resurrection. I was thinking as I was recording the session of how little commentary I had to add to the Scripture this time. Then it dawned on me, that the Scripture really speaks for itself anyway. We do not have to prove the resurrection of our Lord. Both history and Scripture is more than enough proof. For one to not believe the obvious, is the willful choice to remain in sin and darkness. You need not be so. Believe in the risen Lord, and come out to the light of God’s salvation.

Evidence Of Christ’s Resurrection! A bible teaching session from John chapter 20.

But God Raised Him From The Dead

This session gives you the opportunity to share with us in the observance of holy Communion, and a message from Acts chapter 13.

But God Raised Him From The Dead! A session featuring holy communion and a message from Acts 13.

The Call Of Jeremiah

The Call Of Jeremiah is found in the first chapter of the Bible book bearing his name. God reveals himself to him in one of the most amazing verses, verse 5. There is no way that one who claims to truly believe this verse, would at the same time stand for abortion or, hold to the fact that what is in the womb before birth could not be considered to be a baby, a real human being. Before I formed you in the belly I knew you, and before you came forth from the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you as a prophet to the nations. Not only did God foreknow him, but he had already set him aside as a sanctified, special vessel to be used for the Lord’s purpose. Your story may not be as dramatic as that of Jeremiah, but God has a definite plan for your life as well. May this bible teaching session help you to find God and discover his plan and purpose for your life.

The Call Of Jeremiah! A Bible teaching session from Jeremiah chapter 1.

Keep It Or Cast It Away?

When you consider the lives of the saints who have gone on before us, their manner of dress, hair style, and the way they conducted themselves might seem out of touch or even weird to many people in our day. but, one thing you’ll have to admit is, that they had the power of God and knew how to pray. This sermon takes the parable of the net in Matthew chapter 13, verses 47 through 50, and we consider some things that we might want to Keep or Cast away.

Keep It Or Cast It Away? A sermon from Matthew 13:47-50.

Hope From Here To Heaven

More and more, it seems like our world is becoming hopeless. The puzzled faces of parents, the anxious eyes of little children, the uncertainty of leaders and officials. But, the hope of Jesus Christ is an anchor both sure and steadfast. This bible message from Psalm 16 and First Peter chapter 1 is about our enduring, guaranteed hope.

Hope From Here To Heaven! A Bible message from Psalm 16 and First Peter chapter 1

Marks Of A True Disciple

What are the Marks Of A True Disciple? This Bible teaching session using verses from the book of Galatians chapter 5, and First John chapters 3 and 4, will help us to know. We are to be led by the Spirit, and to manifest the love of God by loving him and one another.

Marks Of A True Disciple! A Bible teaching session from Galatians and First John.