Allow Or Believe

There are things which people Allow for, and other things they actually Believe in. Hence, the title for this Sermon: Allow Or Believe.

ALLOW OR BELIEVE! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

Magnify Our Incomparable Lord

I do not consider myself a very good pronouncer and certainly an even worse speller. The audio reveals my mispronunciation of the word, Incomparable. But, with this teaching session from Psalms 86 and 146, you still can without doubt get the idea, that there is no god like our god. With the trials the Psalmist faced and definitely the many which we encounter, life is still not bad, in fact, it is good when you know God and have his praise on your lips.

Magnify Our Incomparable Lord! A Bible teaching session from Psalms 86 and 146.

The Vine And The Branches

The first twelve verses in John chapter 15 contains one of the most lovely teachings in all of the bible. Jesus talks to his disciples about The Vine And The Branches. He explains that he is the true vine, and that the Father takes care of it. We are the branches and are to remain solidly connected to the vine in order to continue to bear fruit. The word which Jesus used over and over is Abide. by abiding in the vine we can expect to have love and joy and bear much fruit. May this sermon encourage the body of Christ to do just that.

The Vine And The Branches! A Sermon from John chapter 15.

Acclaim Our Gracious God

Welcome to this bible teaching session from the book of Psalms. This time, we have three Psalms before us; Psalm 111, 112, and 113. They show us how to praise and worship God, living a grace filled life, giving wholehearted worship, and lifting up the exalted one, or as the point says in the audio, exalt the Uplifting One. While you’re at it, why don’t you just go ahead and give him a great big, Glory to God, Hallelujah!

Acclaim Our Gracious God! A bible teaching session from the book of Psalms.


Amos the prophet was called on the carpet because of his words against God’s people who had sinned grievously and had gone deeply into idolatry. When confronted by the religious, yet false priest, he explained that he was no prophet; that, he was a nobody whom God had chosen to send forth his message of judgment, unless they repented and turned back to God. May this sermon from Amos chapter 7 remind us of just how much of a nobody we were before we came to Christ. And, if you have not done so, you can, right now, before this day is through and even before you have finished listening to this message.

I WAS NO PROPHET! A Sermon From Amos chapter 7.


The Christian’s pilgrim book of praise and worship, the Psalms, is open before us again for this bible teaching session. In Psalms 115 and 65, we are encouraged to Glorify The Sovereign King. Even though God does not approve of many of the choices people make, he still remains sovereign over all. The free will and choice of mankind is balanced against the sovereignty of god, so that both of them are true.

GLORIFY THE SOVEREIGN KING! A Bible teaching session from the book of Psalms.


In Mark chapter 12, verses 38 through 44, Jesus presents two contrastly different types of people; the Scribe, and the Widow. The Scribe has all the head knowledge, but the widow has what is really important, not a lot of money, but a huge heart, and that is what is of big price in the kingdom of god. Be blessed by this Bible message entitled: The Scribe And The Widow.

THE SCRIBE AND THE WIDOW! A Bible message from Mark chapter 12.


Matthew chapter 13 verse 44 says, that the kingdom of heaven is like treasure which is hidden in a field. This Bible message is about five Pentecostal treasures hidden in a field. They are certainly not owned by Pentecostals, for anyone can have them; but, once yu do, you will discover that you too, are in that full gospel group. Most of all, your life will be full and more complete, and the most important thing is, that you will be ready when our Lord comes again.

TREASURE HID IN A FIELD! A Bible Message Produced By Tony Broome Ministries


Have you noticed how noisy it can get in this world sometimes? You just want to get away from it all. But, there are Two other Noisy Places that we need to talk about; one, hell, is very bad; the other, heaven, is very good. The choice of which one you’d like to go to is or should be obvious, but somehow, we, in majority general, seem to be making the wrong one. This sermon is sent forth to reach the lost and encourage the believer to serve God and be faithful until we are at home with him.

TWO NOISY PLACES! A Sermon Produced By Tony Broome Ministries

Praise Almighty God

Did you know that it is a normal thing for a Christian believer to praise and worship God? Be blessed with this Bible teaching session from two Psalms; 50, and 147.

Praise Almighty God! A Bible teaching session from Psalms 50 and 147.