My People Shall Never Be Ashamed

This session features a powerful sermon from Joel chapter 2. The title will hopefully encourage many in the body of Christ today. Here is: My People Shall Never Be Ashamed.

My People Shall Never Be Ashamed! A powerful sermon from Joel chapter 2.

Fill In The Blanks

This session reminds you of your school days. So, how did you do on multiple choice tests? What about those portions where you had to fill in the blanks. This is the title of this sermon, which has to do with Bible events and the last days: Fill In The Blanks.

What You Need To Know About The Antichrist

This is probably one of the most timely and current sermons you have heard lately. It’s about the evil super man who will come on the world scene just afther the Rapture of the Church. He will come in peaceably, then turn tables and deceive the whole world into worshipping and obeying him. What an awful time it will be! That’s why this is so important especially, in these last days in which we are living. The session title is: What You Need to Know About The Antichrist.


Believe He Is Risen

You have no doubt heard many say that one Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead. But, how do you feel about it? Presenting this session from on location at New Covenant Ministries, located on Highway 158 Business West, between Warrenton and Norlina North Carolina, pastor Broome brings this sermon entitled: Believe He Is Risen.

Emblems Of Death And Life

There are several Emblems in the gospels which can represent either Death or Life. This is our focus during this session, where we observe holy Communion together, followed by the message entitled: Emblems Of Death And Life.