Worship God In Times Of Trials

Down through the centuries, the Psalms has been the Christian pilgrims book of praise, triumph, and worship. Three Psalms, 56, 61, and 124, are set before us for a teaching session called: Worship god In Times Of Trials. The circumstances which confronted the Psalmist are used to help us to be victorious. If he could make it through what he went through, then surely you and I, this side of Calvary, under the new covenant of blood, grace, mercy, and love, can be more than conquerors through him who loves us!

Worship God In Times Of Trials! A Bible teaching session from the book of Psalms.

Safety Switches, Part2

This is the second of our three part sermon series called, Safety Switches. In Second Timothy, Paul writes to his son in the faith in an even more personal and anointed way. This is not only good for the charge at an ordination service for preachers and evangelists, but it is good, practical, down-to-earth solid Christian advice for the Church, the body of christ as a whole.

Safety Switches, Part2! A sermon from Second Timothy.

The Evangelizing Church

The church is known as the called out ones. But, the church as we know it would not even be a church if it were not for evangelism. Jesus gave the great Commission to the original apostles, who made up the first believers in the early church. But, this command to reach out with the good news of the gospel was not meant for a certain group alone, but for every person who would ever be born. Hence, the statement in Mark’s account in chapter 16 verse 15 of his gospel, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. This Bible teaching session focuses on the book of Acts, chapters 11 and 12. Through good times and bad, even persecution, the church is known to this day as The Evangelizing Church.

The Evangelizing Church! A bible teaching session from Acts chapters 11 and 12.

The Conversion Of Saul

There is joy in the presence of god over any sinner who repents and gets right with the Lord. We should also certainly rejoice here on earth in the church when someone gets saved. While we try not to make a difference, it is really something when one of the main ringleaders of evil comes to faith in Christ. We turn our attention to the book of Acts, and to one of the most amazing and outstanding conversions ever, that of Saul of Tarsus, whom we know as the apostle Paul.

The Conversion Of Saul! A Bible teaching session from the book of Acts.

Safety Switches, Part1

This is the first of a three part series entitled: Safety Switches. Paul exhorts his two sons in the faith, Timothy and Titus, and warns them to encourage the people to remain faithful to God and avoid pitfalls of sin and false doctrine. There are Safety Switches placed in different areas of the rooms of our heart and life to be flipped either on or off, to insure that we are safe and stay focused.

Safety Switches, Part1! A Bible message produced by Tony Broome Ministries

The Hand Of The Lord In The Early Church

The hand of the Lord has always been at work. Many times, the prophets in the Old Testament would say, The hand of the Lord was with me, or upon me. In the New Testament, the hand of the Lord was not as much for judgment, although it can be as we will hear in the message today, but his hand is eager to be at work to save and to heal. This bible message looks at the book of Acts to see the Hand Of The Lord In The Early Church.

The Hand Of The Lord In The Early Church! A Bible message from the book of Acts.

The Expanding Church

Welcome to this Bible teaching session from the book of Acts. The Church which began on the day of Pentecost is now expanding. Verses are used from chapters 8, 9, and 10, to show the exciting ways the church has expanded over the years. Though modern transportation and convenience is a normal part of our life now, the ways of evangelism have not changed that much, whether you’re dealing with the salvation of an individual or a multitude.

The Expanding Church! A Bible teaching session from the book of Acts.

You Can Make It

Here is an encouraging sermon from Titus chapter 3, verses 1 through 7. Whether it is being subject to those in authority over us, or dealing with the opposition of the enemy when living for the Lord and endeavoring to be a blessing for others and reach the lost for Christ, we can be built up with the message that: You Can Make It.

You Can Make It! An encouraging sermon from Titus chapter 3.