WednesdayNight: The Process Of Forgiveness

Welcome to the most recent Wednesday Night session!
According to Luke chapter 23, verses 34, 42, and 43, there is a three-step process of Forgiveness. The title of this sermon is:
The Process Of Forgiveness.

The Process Of Forgiveness.


WednesdayMorning: The Proceeding Word

This is the most recent Wednesday Morning session!
God’s word and dealing with us may begin small, but will Proceed or progressively get bigger and bigger, greater and greater, and more and more. Find out how god dealt with Abraham and how it relates to us in this sermon entitled:
The Proceeding Word.

The Proceeding Word.

SalvationArmy: The Living And Abiding Word

This session was recorded on location with the brothers and sisters of the Salvation Army senior group in Henderson, North Carolina.
Here is a Bible message from First Peter chapter 1, verses 23 through 25, entitled:
The Living And Abiding Word.

The Living And Abiding Word.

SundayMorning8:30: The Man You Don’t Want To Know

Here is a sermon from Second Thessalonians chapter 2, verses 3 through 12 about the antichrist, entitled:
the Man You Don’t Want To Know.

The Man You Don’t Want To Know.

SundaySchool: The Incarnate Son

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
The wonder of wonders! How Jesus would come in human flesh. The one who was eternally with the Father as God, condescending to men of low degree such as us. The only thing I can say is, it is because God loves us so much. The title of this teaching session is:
The Incarnate Son.

The Incarnage Son.

SundayMorning11: The Pentecostal Great Commission

Mar chapter 16 is the only gospel which refers to the supernatural signs as being part of the great Commission. Here is a sermon entitled:
The Pentecostal Great Commission.

The Pentecostal Great Commission.

SeniorCitizens: When The Time Was Just Right

This is the Senior Citizens nursing home podcast!
When The Time Was Just Right! and the world was so wrong, god sent his only begotten Son, Jesus, to redeem and save us all. This message from Galatians chapter 4 verses 1 through 7 is entitled:
When The Time Was Just Right.

When The Time Was Just Right.

MensFellowship: Five God Grabbers

This message was given at a recent Men’s Fellowship ministry. It has the unusual title of: Five God Grabbers.

Five God Grabbers.

3M: Session With Chris Sanford

Chris Sanford shares his testimony during a recent 3M, Men’s Morning Ministry.

Session With Chris Sanford.

CrossRoads: Love Makes Sense

This message was presented on location at:
Cross Roads Pentecostal Holiness Church.
Cross Roads church is located on Vicksboro Road in Henderson, North Carolina.
Even when faith is disappointed and hope becomes weak, Love is the only thing that really Makes Sense. This is the title of the message:
Love Makes Sense.

Love Makes Sense.