WednesdayMorning: The Abiding Comforter

Here is the latest Wednesday Morning session podcast.
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Here’s a sermon about the Holy Spirit, entitled: The Abiding Comforter.

The Abiding Comforter.


SeniorCitizens: That They All May Be One

This is the Senior Citizens nursing home podcast
One of the things Jesus prayed for in his high priestly prayer in John chapter 17, is that they all may be one. He knew the importance of our unity in order to reach the world with the gospel. The title of this message is: That They All May Be One.

That They All May Be One.

SundaySchool: Baptism In The Holy spirit 2

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Here is a bible teaching session from Acts chapters 1 and 2, entitled: Baptism In The Holy Spirit 2.

Baptism In The Holy spirit 2.

Golden Outreach 2019! Session With Stephen Hoell

Golden Outreach 2019 is a session featuring pastor Stephen Hoell, preaching from Habakkuk chapter 1.

Golden Outreach 2019! Session With Pastor Stephen Hoell.

3M: Session With Chris Sanford

Chris Sanford shares his testimony during a recent 3M, Men’s Morning Ministry.

Session With Chris Sanford.

MensFellowship: Even Heaven Has A Wall

One of the neat things about God’s word is, that you can just set up about any old place, and preach or teach it. This time finds us downstairs in the fellowship area of South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church, for a men’s fellowship ministry meal and teaching session, where yes, fellowship with each other around the things of the Lord are promoted.
Here is a message I shared with the brothers about the beautiful city in heaven, the new Jerusalem, which we all who are saved will enjoy eternally when the Lord returns to get us and take us to be with him.
Revelation chapter 21 tells us about the city, and about its Wall, in particular. Without getting political, one can certainly read in the right principles for the day in which we live, and the relevance that this message has for us now. The title is:

Even Heaven Has A Wall.

CrossRoads: Love Makes Sense

This message was presented on location at:
Cross Roads Pentecostal Holiness Church.
Cross Roads church is located on Vicksboro Road in Henderson, North Carolina.
Even when faith is disappointed and hope becomes weak, Love is the only thing that really Makes Sense. This is the title of the message:
Love Makes Sense.

Love Makes Sense.

SundayNight: Our Great High Priest

Here is a sermon which was preached during a recent Sunday night service.
Our Great High Priest!
Is presented in the book of Hebrews unlike anywhere else in Scripture as, Our Great High Priest. I coun it an honor and privilege to preach to you about the greatest man who ever lived, and still does. He interceedes for us right now in heaven, at the Father’s right hand, on the throne.

Our Great High Priest!

UniversalHealthCare: No Power At All

Here is a podcast on location from the Universal Health Care nursing home.
No Power At All!
Is a sermon from John chapter 19, verses 10 and 11, with other verses also. Jesus tells Pilate, You could have No Power At All against me, except it were given you from heaven. God is the only one who truly has original power. Any power we have comes through him.

No Power At All!

FridayEvening: The Real Deal About The Sick Seal

Here is a sermon from a Friday evening service.
The Real Deal About The Sick Seal!
This unusual titled sermon from Luke chapter 4, verses 5 through 8, reminds us that even though we have a real enemy, the devil, he has no original power of his own; therefore, he cannot actually give anybody anything.

The Real Deal About The Sick Seal!