SundaySchool: Jacob’s Reunion With Esau

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Providing a Bible lesson for those of you who enjoy studying God’s word; or, perhaps you’re unable to be in church or to attend Sunday school. The podcast of this teaching session is for you. Whether on the go with your Droid, I-device, or Tablet, or even if you’re at the office or confined at home and have access to the podcast using your laptop or pc, the teaching of god’s anointed word is just as close as your fingers and ears.
Jacob’s Reunion With Esau!
Is the title of this week’s session, from Genesis chapters 32 and 33. After some 20 years of hatred and separation, Jacob and Esau finally are able to reconcile and make peace. May this encourage all of us today in our natural families and in the body of Christ to make, maintain, and manage to reconcile peace and harmony with each other.

Jacob’s Reunion With Esau.


FridayEvening: Pentecostal Elements

Here is the message from the most recent Friday Evening service.
Pentecostal Elements!
Is a sermon from Acts 2:1-4, giving to us nine Pentecostal Elements:

  1. Day;
  2. Place;
  3. Sound;
  4. Heaven;
  5. Wind;
  6. House;
  7. Tongues;
  8. Fire;
  9. Utterance.

Pentecostal Elements!

WednesdayMorning: Prominence Of Pentecost

This is the Wednesday Morning session podcast.
Prominence Of Pentecost!
Is a sermon showing the importance of Pentecost in the gospels, great Commission, lives of the apostles, early church, Azusa street revival and latter day outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and in any present-day ministry that is really effective.

Prominence Of Pentecost!

SeniorCitizens: Making The Be-Attitudes Our Attitudes

On location from the Senior Citizens nursing home of Henderson, North Carolina.
Here is a message from Matthew chapter 5, verses 1 through 12 about the Be-attitudes. The title is:
Making The Be-Attitudes Our Attitudes.

Making The Be-Attitudes Our Attitudes.

CourtYard: Joel Wasn’t Jiving

Here comes a message from the CourtYard podcast
Acts chapter 2, verses 16 through 21, contains the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy about the outpouring of the Holy spirit. The title of this message is:
Joel Wasn’t Jiving!
Joel Wasn’t Jiving, about the Prophecy, the Pouring out of the Spirit, the Profound coming judgment, and the Plan of salvation.

Joel Wasn’t Jiving!

SundayMorning8:30: Revelation A Little At A Time

This is a sermon from a recent 8:30 Sunday morning worship service.
God wants to reveal himself to us. He longs for us to know him better. But he must give us truth and
Revelation A Little At A Time.
That’s the title of this sermon from Isaiah chapter 28, verses 9 through 13.

Revelation A Little At A Time.

Sunday11AM: Look At The Glorified Christ

Here is a sermon from a recent sunday morning 11 o’clock service. Scriptures are used from the book of the Revelation chapter 1, verses 12 through 18. The title is:
Look At The Glorified Christ!

Look At The Glorified Christ!

UniversalHealthCare: How To Get Along With One Another

This bible devotional message is from First Peter chapter 4, verses 8 through 11. The title is:
How To Get Along With One Another.

How To Get Along With One Another.

MensFellowship: Two Swords

This devotional message, entitled:
Two Swords!
Is from verses in Luke chapter 22. Lord, here are Two Swords, the disciples said. One, is the Sword of the flesh; and the other, is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of god.

Two Swords!

WednesdayNight: Putting Faith At Your Fingertips

This message is taken from a recent Wednesday evening service. The title is:
Putting Faith At Your Fingertips!
Many times we complicate faith, as well as many of the things of God. But faith, like the gospel, is simple. It is the gift God gives to us, enabling us to believe him and his promises.

Putting Faith At Your Fingertips!