FridayEvening: Israel’s Repentance Is The Key For The Kingdom

Here is a message from a recent Friday evening service, entitled:
Israel’s Repentance Is The Key for The Kingdom!
This Bible sermon from Acts chapter 3, verses 19 through 21, gives to us some R words; such as, Repentance, Regeneration, and Remission, which shows clearly that Israel’s returning to god as a nation will set the stage for, and is indeed the Key for the Kingdom.

Israel’s Repentance Is The Key for The Kingdom!


WednesdayMorning: Renew The New You

This is the most current Wednesday Morning session.
Every born again believer is a new creation in Christ. But even the new you needs to be renewd. This sermon, entitled:
Renew The New You,
will help us do just that. This of course, is a cooperative effort between ourselves and God.

Renew The New You!

SundaySchool: Fellowship In The Gospel

This Is Your sunday School Lesson!
Fellowship In The Gospel!
Is a bible teaching session from the book of Philippians. Paul encourages believers and thanks them for their Fellowship In The Gospel.

Fellowship In The Gospel!

SeniorCitizens: I’m Proud Of You

Here is the latest Senior Citizens nursing home podcast!
All of us from time to time, like to hear the words:
I’m Proud Of You!
This message gives us three ways:

  1. Thanksgiving,
  2. Faith,
  3. Praise and worship;

which, causes our heavenly father to be proud of us.

I’m Proud Of You!

UniversalHealthCare: How To Get Along With One Another

This bible devotional message is from First Peter chapter 4, verses 8 through 11. The title is:
How To Get Along With One Another.

How To Get Along With One Another.

CourtYard: How To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel

How To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel!
Is a thought provoking Bible message, which actually is designed to help us to _not be ashamed of the gospel. The text is Romans 1:16.

How To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel!

ISHMinistry: Almost Too Simple

The ISH, Instruments Of Shining Hope, Ministry At South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church,
Reaches out to cancer patients and their families to minister to them during this trying time in their life. I had the opportunity to encourage them in their visitation and outreach recently with an informal chat while simply sitting at the table with them and sharing God’s word to encourage them. I thought you’d like to hear it as well. Although visitation and outreach, especially in hard situations can seem intimidating and a daunting task, Jesus makes it simple.
Almost Too Simple!
As the title implies. But, he simply says, Just treat people like you yourself want to be treated. Yeah so, the Golden Rule really does work, even in reaching out to others.

Alost Too Simple!

MensFellowship: Two Swords

This devotional message, entitled:
Two Swords!
Is from verses in Luke chapter 22. Lord, here are Two Swords, the disciples said. One, is the Sword of the flesh; and the other, is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of god.

Two Swords!

SundayMorning8:30AM: Give Me Oil In My Lamp

This sermon, from Zechariah chapter 4, was recently preached at the Sunday morning 8:30 AM worship service. The title is:
Give Me Oil In My Lamp!
This complete lighting system which is revealed in this message from the candlestick vision helps us to know just how much God wants our Lamp to be burning brightly.

Give Me Oil In My Lamp!

SundayMorning11AM: God Always Has A Remnant

This sermon was recently preached during the 11 AM Sunday morning worship service.
The title is:
God Always Has A Remnant!
Romans 11:2-5 is used to show the faithful Remnant of God’s people who love and serve him no matter what others are doing.

God Always Has A Remnant!