WednesdayMorning: Responding To Love

Here is another message from the current Wednesday morning session, entitled:
Responding To Love!
Psalm 85 contains God’s dealings and love with and toward his people, as well as all of us. It is according to how we Respond to that Love, as to how we will be blessed and enjoy its benefits.

Responding To Love!

SeniorCitizens: Kissing And Hugging

The message for the Senior Citizens nursing home podcast this time is entitled:
Kissing And Hugging!
Can you really find something like this in the bible? It just might surprise you, but why should it? Since love is from God and God is love, then it should stand to reason, that he should be the one with the most to say about it, not, Hollywood. Psalms 85:10 says, Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Since mercy and truth and, righteousness and peace are on opposite sides of the spectrum, how could such a thing ever happen? It’s Jesus, my friend, the grace of God and his salvation and glory.

Kissing And Hugging!

KerrLake: Everlasting Love

The Kerr Lake nursing home podcast this time, features a message from Jeremiah 31:3, entitled:
Everlasting Love!

Everlasting Love!

SundaySchool: The Spirit Filled Life

Your Sunday School Lesson! Is A Weekly Bible Teaching Podcast From Tony Broome Ministries.
The title of our session this week is:
The Spirit Filled Life!
You’d think, with a title like that, the Scriptures would be from the well known classic or traditional, so called Pentecostal verses; perhaps, from Mark 16:17, 18, Acts chapter 2, or something similar. But, actually Romans chapter 8, verses 12 through 39, gives to us many of the results of being a Spirit filled believer. This passage gives us the courage and strength to make it through difficult times and hard places in our lives. It takes a Spirit filled walk to accomplish this, and God desires that you make it, more than make it, because you are more than conquerors through him who loves us. And, nothing shall be able to separate us from his love. The only thing, or one, who can take you away from him and his love, or at least, the full blessing and benefits of his love, is You yourself.

<a href=""The Spirit Filled Life!

FridayEvening: Our Lord Lover

This is a podcast of the message entitled:
Our Lord Lover!
Verses from The Song Of Solomon chapters 5 and 6 are used to show the relationship between us and Our Lord Lover.

Our Lord Lover!

CourtYard: Contentment While Climbing

This Is The CourtYard Podcast! Produced By Tony Broome Ministries.
The Courtyard #2 Apartments, is a retirement complex in Henderson, North Carolina. After the busy holiday break, it’s time for another message. this one is entitled:
Contentment While Climbing!
No matter what condition or state we find ourselves in, regardless of the situation, we can decide to be Content with our circumstances, even though we may not be happy about everything that’s going on around us.

Contentment While Climbing!

MensFellowship: Five Stages Of Eternal Life

This is a podcast of a message I had the honor of sharing with our men’s evening fellowship. romans chapter 8, verses 29 and 30, gives to us, as the title says:
Five Stages Of Eternal Life!</strong.

  1. Foreknowledge;
  2. Predestination;
  3. Called;
  4. Justified;
  5. Glorified.

Five Stages Of Eternal Life!

SundayEvening: Jesus I Am

It is my delighte to present a podcast featuring a message entitled:
Jesus I Am!
The God of the Old Testament who declares himself as the great I Am, is the Christ of the New Testament. He is the I Am, fulfilled as Emmanuel, God with us. He could say without hesitation, I Am, the light of the world, the door, the good Shepherd, the resurrection and the life, the way the truth and the life, the true vine, and on and on. His simple, yet powerful and Profound words, I Am, knocked tough Roman soldiers to the ground, and showed that he was always in control, even during his arrest and trial, and while they were crucifying him. He had power to lay down his life and power to take it again; and that, he did, to save us all. Glory be to the name of Jesus.

Jesus I Am!

UniversalHealthCare: Communion During Crisis

This is the Universal HealthCare nursing home podcast.
In the book of Acts chapter 12, Herod stretched forth his hand to vex certain of the church. The Scripture tells us that this was during the time of unleavened bread. The Old Testament Passover celebration and feast of unleavened bread was still being observed. Israel was commanded to do so as a testimony of their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. During this crisis in Acts 12, they were again observing something as a people and also a church which would bring them together and help them to be united and victorious. Regardless of the persecution and evil boldness of the king, and even though James the brother of John was killed with the sword and Peter was put in prison, they came together and prayed until god’s angel set Peter free. The result was many more conversions and the spreading of the gospel.
So, the title of the message is:
Communion During Crisis!

Communion During Crisis!

3M: Church Rest

The 3M ministry is a men’s morning ministry at South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church. I had the opportunity of sharing with the men a devotion from Acts chapter 9, verses 26 through 31. Saul, whom we know as Paul, had just gotten saved. This greatly curtailed the persecution in the church, allowing the body of Christ to get some much needed relief and be blessed and grow. The end result was, that not only did they get some physical and spiritual rest and had time to be built up, but many other people came to the Lord.
The title of the message is simply:
Church Rest!

Church Rest!