WednesdayMorning: Why Do We Have Communion?

Here is the most current Wednesday morning session.
This bible message title is in the form of a question:
Why Do We Have Communion?
Exodus chapter 13, verses 8 through 10 tells us that it is because of Celebration, Commemoration, and Anticipation.

Why Do We Have Communion?


SeniorCitizens: God Gives The Increase

Here is the Senior Citizens Nursing Home podcast!
This Bible devotional message is entitled:
God Gives The Increase.
One plants, another waters, but it is God who gives the increase.

God Gives The Increase!

SundaySchool: The Captivity Is Coming

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Ezekiel chapter 12 contains a warning for God’s people:
Captivity Is Coming!
The Lord tries everything he can to reach the nation with his word and turn them back to him. Even so, he has done everything he could to save us from sin and hell.

The Captivity Is Coming!

UniversalHealthCare: Diddy Daddy Duple

You should have been at Universal Health Care nursing home when the following devotional message was given, to see their smiling faces, hear their chuckles and fellowship with the wonderful residents. However, you can hear the audio of this message from god’s word, taken from the first six verses of Zechariah. The most unusual title is:
Diddy Daddy Duple!

Diddy Daddy Duple!

MensFellowship: Two Swords

This devotional message, entitled:
Two Swords!
Is from verses in Luke chapter 22. Lord, here are Two Swords, the disciples said. One, is the Sword of the flesh; and the other, is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of god.

Two Swords!

FridayNight: Reprobate

Here is a sermon from God’s holy word, entitled:
The word Reprobate means reject. God’s people in the Old Testament were called Reprobate silver. The New Testament warns against things like a Reprobate Mind, Men, Measure, and Methods. One can get to the point, either through playing church or games with god, or by continually neglecting or rejecting him, that they can become Reprobate, even to the point of no return. While this is possible, it never has to happen to anyone. Come to Jesus, he will in no wise cast you out.


SundayMorning8:30AM: Give Me Oil In My Lamp

This sermon, from Zechariah chapter 4, was recently preached at the Sunday morning 8:30 AM worship service. The title is:
Give Me Oil In My Lamp!
This complete lighting system which is revealed in this message from the candlestick vision helps us to know just how much God wants our Lamp to be burning brightly.

Give Me Oil In My Lamp!

SundayMorning11AM: God Always Has A Remnant

This sermon was recently preached during the 11 AM Sunday morning worship service.
The title is:
God Always Has A Remnant!
Romans 11:2-5 is used to show the faithful Remnant of God’s people who love and serve him no matter what others are doing.

God Always Has A Remnant!

FridayEvening: Get On The Same Page

Here is a message from the recent Friday Evening prayer service. The title is:
Get On The Same Page!
When looking at the political and economic scene, and sometimes even in the church, it’s obvious that not everyone is on the same page. Scriptures from First Corinthians chapters 1, 3, and 11 are used to help us to, Get On The Same Page.

Get On The Same Page!

CrossRoads: the Year And The Day

Here’s a message which was preached to the congregation of Cross Roads Pentecostal Holiness Church, on the east side of Henderson, North Carolina.
The Year And The Day!
Is a sermon from Isaiah chapter 61, verses 1, 2, and 3. Christ came and fulfilled this Scripture in Luke chapter 4, until the acceptable Year of the Lord. The Day of vengeance and wrath is for those who reject the salvation of the acceptable Year of the Lord. Get saved while grace is available.

The Year And The Day!