Gospel Nuggets

Kids like chicken nuggets. But, everyone loves Gospel Nuggets. Some children never seem to get full or enough chicken nuggets, but they can get stuffed or even sick from them. But, you can eat all the Gospel Nuggets you want, without ever having too much, or even getting indegestion. Enjoy your nuggets; that is, from this sermon called: Gospel Nuggets.


Jesus And The Holy Ghost

I usually take the opportunity here to provide a description for the episodes of the Bible teaching and preaching sessions. But, this one is self-explanatory. The title says it all: Jesus And The Holy Ghost!

The Virgin Conceives

Science will tell you that it is impossible for a virgin to conceive. The very fact of conception would prove the existence of a sexual relationship. But, since god is the god of the impossible, we are talking about a supernatural working of the Holy Ghost. Click, press Enter, or Tap on the Button to play the audio, and be blessed by this Bible teaching session, entitled: The Virgin Conceives.

Why Should People Repent?

You hear a lot about the goodness of god and God’s love, but what about repentance? Jesus loves you and the Father is eager to forgive you, but one must still repent of their sins in order to reap the benefits and blessings of God’s salvation. This Bible sermon has a title that is in the form of a question: Why Should People Repent?

The Word Of Life

I am elated to welcome you for this exciting Bible message. We are in the writings of the apostle John, from his gospel and the first epistle. I trust that the excitement the Lord allowed the word to be delivered with will flow into your heart and life today, as you experience again, and maybe for the first time, Jesus Christ, who is The Word Of Life.

Our Savior Has Come

Our Savior Has Come! A bible teaching session from the second chapters of Matthew and Luke, about the birth of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Daily Delight

Do you have daily chores or duties to which you have to attend? while that may be well and all right with things around the house or on the job, we as believers and followers of Jesus, should not look at the things we are to do daily as chores; but rather, as the title of this sermon says, it should be a: Daily Delight.

Sin No More

The expression, Sin No More, is found three times in the Bible. The first time is a declaration at the end of a sentence. The other two times, are challenges, if not right out commands, given by our Lord to individuals, whose lives had been changed by him. this Bible message will certainly help us to do just that; Go, and Sin No More.

The Savior’s Coming Foretold

Not one word of all of his good promises has failed, but all are come to pass as it is this day. As king David neared the end of his reign on earth, he spoke these words to his son Solomon. And, we can say the same thing as it relates to the first coming of Christ the Messiah to the earth. This Bible teaching session takes a look at some of the prophecies and promises which relate to the first coming of Jesus at his birth. The title is: The Savior’s Coming Foretold.

Where Is Your Faith?

Jesus is sailing with his disciples on the sea of Galilee. He falls asleep, when suddenly, a storm comes up. Master, Master, we are going to perish! They exclaim. He gets up, rebukes the wind and the water, and calmly asks, Where Is Your Faith? This is the title of our session this time. The message from Luke chapter 8 is given, after the congregation is exhorted and holy Communion is observed. Enjoy, be blessed; and, if you can get yourself the elements of the bread and cup, feel free to join in with us in partaking of Communion together.