Sunday8:30AM: Power Hour

This message was preached at a recent Sunday morning 8:30 service, entitled:
Power Hour!
How to get in the Spirit in less than an hour. Four simple words are used to help us do this:

  1. Watch;
  2. Wait;
  3. Worship;
  4. Wallow.

Power Hour!


Sunday11AM: His Own Body And Blood

Here is a message preached at a recent 11 AM service, entitled:
His Own Body And Blood!

His Own Body And Blood!

Golden Outreach 2017 Session With Joe Reid

Here is the Golden Outreach 2017 session featuring Rev. Joe Reid!
This is such a wonderful service and it has been requested. So, I’m glad to post it for as long as people will be blessed by it. Along with brother Joe, I pray that the body of Christ, the Church will be encouraged and lifted up by this, and that souls will be saved because of it.

Golden Outreach 2017! Session With Joe Reid.

MensFellowship: Five Stages Of Eternal Life

This is a podcast of a message I had the honor of sharing with our men’s evening fellowship. romans chapter 8, verses 29 and 30, gives to us, as the title says:
Five Stages Of Eternal Life!</strong.

  1. Foreknowledge;
  2. Predestination;
  3. Called;
  4. Justified;
  5. Glorified.

Five Stages Of Eternal Life!