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CrossRoads: the Year And The Day

Here’s a message which was preached to the congregation of Cross Roads Pentecostal Holiness Church, on the east side of Henderson, North Carolina.
The Year And The Day!
Is a sermon from Isaiah chapter 61, verses 1, 2, and 3. Christ came and fulfilled this Scripture in Luke chapter 4, until the acceptable Year of the Lord. The Day of vengeance and wrath is for those who reject the salvation of the acceptable Year of the Lord. Get saved while grace is available.

The Year And The Day!


3M: From Righteousness To Ruin

Here is a podcast of a message which was given to the 3M, Men’s Morning Ministry group, downstairs in the fellowship area at South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church. This certainly proves that you don’t have to be in a big sanctuary with a fancy pulpit pumped up by a praise team and orchestra to have God’s word presented.
The title of the devotional message is:
From Righteousness To Ruin!
Second Peter chapter 2, verses 7, 8, and 9, are used to describe Lot’s tragic journey through a tunnel; which, started out as a righteous man with light, but grew darker and darker as he traveled; only, to wind up in ruin at the end of the trip.

From Righteousness To Ruin!

MountCarmel: Faith And Patience

Here is the podcast of a devotional message presented at Mount Carmel Methodist church of Henderson, North Carolina.
The title is:
Faith And Patience!
Hebrews chapter 6, verses 12 through 15 is used in this devotional message about Faith And Patience. Both are necessary to benefit from the promises of god. We are to follow those who through Faith And Patience inherit the promises; Abraham, is a prime example.

Faith And Patience!

WednesdayNight: Putting Faith At Your Fingertips

This message is taken from a recent Wednesday evening service. The title is:
Putting Faith At Your Fingertips!
Many times we complicate faith, as well as many of the things of God. But faith, like the gospel, is simple. It is the gift God gives to us, enabling us to believe him and his promises.

Putting Faith At Your Fingertips!

Golden Outreach 2017 Session With Joe Reid

Here is the Golden Outreach 2017 session featuring Rev. Joe Reid!
This is such a wonderful service and it has been requested. So, I’m glad to post it for as long as people will be blessed by it. Along with brother Joe, I pray that the body of Christ, the Church will be encouraged and lifted up by this, and that souls will be saved because of it.

Golden Outreach 2017! Session With Joe Reid.