Author And Finisher Of Our Faith

When we were first introduced to the new Word Press editor, my system went into what I might call Technological Shock! I just felt like I can not do it. I can not manage that new block thing, after having used the classic editor for so long. But, once I tried it, I found just how neat it was and how well it went along with the posts I use to integrate with the ministry podcast episodes and sessions. In the same way, perhaps, you have been challenged with giving your heart and life to Christ. While you really wanted to, you have just maybe, allowed the enemy to deceive you into thinking that you could never be good enough to live as a Christian. Well, that is right in itself; for, none of us are good enough in ourselves. But, as this Bible teaching session says, Jesus is the Author And Finisher Of Our Faith. He will save you, forgive you, and even actually help you through his Holy Spirit, to live for, love and serve him. And, on top of all of that, you will be enjoying eternal life! There is no deal anywhere else in the whole universe that can even come close to that. So, while you listen to the audio, just go ahead and commit your heart and life to our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.