God’s Judgment, The Great Flood

Whether you call yourself as one who believes the bible or not, you have surely heard of the flood. Some even call it Noah’s flood, but Noah didn’t have much of anything to do with it. In fact, he obeyed God so well, that he built a big boat in order that he and his family and some animals could be saved from the otherwise destruction. Nobody would listen to this preacher of Righteousness, who certainly was disdained and mocked for building a huge ark when it had never rained a drop upon the earth. But, you see who was right in the end. He and his family were saved while the naysayers were drowned. This bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 7 and 8 is sent forth to hopefully keep our generation from making the same dreadful and drastic mistake as those of Noah’s day did. Come into the ark of safety, God’s salvation through Christ, today! Receive him as Savior and make him your Lord now, if you have not done so already.

GOD’S JUDGMENT, THE GREAT FLOOD! Produced By Tony Broome Ministries