Human Sinfulness Increases

Genesis chapter 6 has one of those controversial Bible views. Were the sons of god who took the daughters of men as wives mere men, or, were they fallen angels, sent by the evil one to hurt Father god by marring his creation? While I take the view that they were indeed fallen angels, there are wonderful men and women of god who believe them only to be the evil line of Cain or the Canaanites who, married the line of Seth. While this doesn’t matter a hill of beans to salvation, eternity, heaven or hell, it is indeed an interesting subject and, certainly explains why the earth had gotten so corrupt in Noah’s day, that God had no other choice but to destroy it and every living thing through the waters of a flood. Thank, God! Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and, that is why we are here today to live to tell about it. Be blessed, with this bible teaching session from Genesis 6, entitled: Human Sinfulness Increases. And, if you have not as of yet made that all important decision of receiving Christ as your Savior and making him your Lord, I urge you to do that right now, today!

Human Sinfulness Increases! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 6.