Human Sinfulness Begins

What a beautiful garden into which man was placed when he was first created. With no lack of anything, he was allowed to dress, eat from, and keep the very garden of God. No pain or ill of any kind would ever bother him. But alas! He did what god told him not to do, and we have been doing so ever since. This bible teaching session is from chapters 3 and 4 of the book of Genesis. Here, man and woman are tempted and sin begins. Praise God! It did not stop there. Even though we had free will and could have refused the devil’s evil offer, we did not, but god had already provided a way of redemption before the foundation of the world. His eternal plan, whereby he would send his only begotten son Jesus into the world to save us all, sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is really the only thing that is true. Give your heart and life to Christ today, and make plans to join him in something and somewhere which is far better than the best and most beautiful garden.

Human Sinfulness Begins! A Bible teaching session from Genesis chapters 3 and 4.