God Created Everything For His Glory

Bible believing people have no problem believing and understanding that god created and made everything. But, in doing so, he did it for his own glory. Even so, there is much good which comes to us as his creation, if we will submit to him and do what he says. This Bible teaching session from Genesis chapter 1 takes a small view at the great God and the vastness of his splendid creation. Instead of trying to figure out every little detail as science tries to do, we keep it simple, and let the Bible tell us what it has to say about it. As one of God’s created people, are you actually his child? You can be. Place your hand in the nail-scarred hand of Jesus the Nazarene, the one who suffered and bled and died for you, and rose again from the dead, now waiting in heaven at the Father’s right hand on the throne, just to hear your request of prayer for his salvation. A simple prayer like: God, be merciful to me, a sinner; is all it takes, for you to be saved, and become a child of god through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ.

God Created Everything For His Glory! A Bible teaching session From Genesis chapter 1.