Jesus’ Generation Jargon

You know what Jargon is, don’t you? From what I can tell, usually it is just a bunch of talk. Sometimes, it is informative, and other times, it’s just talk. But, Jesus has a lot to say about this generation. Not just the time in which he was living on earth, but it still covers now, in this moment and time in which we are living. I am elated to bring this to you, and am delighted that you have chosen to tap in, click in, tune in, or however you have gotten in. Thanks, for being a part of my listening family. And, if you’re not part of God’s family yet, this is the best time to get that taken care of, once and for all. If you care enough about your soul to ask him to save you, Jesus cares more than enough to do just that.

Jesus Generation Jargon! A Bible study produced by Tony Broome Ministries