Increasing Ministry And Stephen’s Martyrdom

Here is a Bible teaching session from the book of Acts, chapters 6 and 7. While we rejoice in the expansion of the gospel during the time of the early church and the apostolic working of miracles through the supernatural power of god, we are sobered by the account of Stephen, who is the first Christian martyr. Since then, many have been called on to give their life in ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Christ. From the primitive start of the church, through the awakenings and great revivals, tent crusades, stadium and open air meetings, to now large auditoriums and digital recording including live streaming of services; we can see that methods can and do indeed change, yet god and his word and the good news of the gospel is still the same. The fact that Jesus died on the old rugged cross and shed his blood for sinners, and that he now is risen and lives eternally to save us all, is what is the supreme important thing.

Increasing Ministry And Stephen’s Martyrdom! A Bible teaching session from Acts chapters 6 and 7.