The Growing Church

There is a lot of research and discussion going on nowadays about how to grow a church. We already have the greatest example of a growing church in the book of Acts. Yet, there are many today, including a lot of preachers, who see the early church as a bunch of babies learning how to live as believers, who were misled and certainly inexperienced. If that is true, then why do we fail so miserably in soul winning and the supernatural, while they had conversions and healings by the multitudes? I would solemnly affirm, that their way is surpassing ours by a long shot. Our generation can certainly learn from the early church as to how to grow the church, and hopefully we can even avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that they made. This pointed, yet down-to-earth manner of teaching from the book of Acts will help us to be the growing church in our day, and make sure that we adhere to the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.

The Growing Church! A Bible teaching session from the book of Acts