Walk In Newness Of Life

Romans chapter 6 is an interesting portion of God’s word, dealing with everything from salvation, baptism, sanctification, resurrection, and walking in newness of life. It is a most comforting thing to know that not only can we be saved, but that our Lord will help us to sucessfully live the Christian life. Contrary to what you may have heard, been told by people, some of them well-meaning though uninformed, and by even the devil himself, you can live right. You cannot do it in and of yourself, but since Jesus is your new Lord and Master, you’re not depending on yourself anyway. The Bible is there for you, the Holy Spirit is within you, and Jesus and the Father are pulling together as a Father and Son team, to make sure that you can and do live right, and Walk In Newness Of Life.

Walk In Newness Of Life! A Sermon produced by Tony Broome Ministries