Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision And Call

Asking a preacher which part of the Bible he likes, is about as much of a no no situation as asking him where he is from. If he is or has been an active minister, you are probably going to get a several point response. While I do try to have a love for all of the word, I must admit that the first chapter of Ezekiel’s prophecy has special impact on my life and Christian experience. I cannot help but either hear or read about the fire in Ezekiel’s revelation of god to him by the river of Chebar, that in simply just doing it, I am affected so much that I usually explode in praise and worship, and usually, tongues are manifested. Whether that is your experience or not is not the important thing. But, you like Ezekiel, need some type of hard core, base foundation and experience with God on which to be able to stand upon, and go back and refer to, especially, when times get hard and things get rough. Our call either to salvation or to a specific ministry, may not have all of the experience of Ezekiel, but it is just as precious to god and just as important to our Christian life. This Bible teaching session covers portions of the first three chapters of the book of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision And Call. A Bible teaching session produced by Tony Broome Ministries