Paul Confronts Evil Spirits

This is a Bible teaching session from the book of Acts. Three times in our lesson, in chapters 13, 16, and 19, Paul encounters opposition from evil spirits while trying to do the work of the Lord and extend the gospel outreach to the lost and set the captives free. You and I today can expect resistance from the same evil source. We must not make the mistake of blaming God or questioning him. He is not the one who is causing us trouble. God is the God of goodness and blessing. All of our wose and sorrows come from the evil one. Put the blame where it belongs. Bless the Lord, and resist the devil. Opposition does not stop victory. When it all comes down, Jesus is still King and Lord, and we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.

Paul Confronts Evil Spirits! A Bible teaching session From the book of Acts.