God To The Rescue

God will let man run his mouth and even blaspheme to a certain point. Then, if and when he has to, he will step in with severe judgment. This teaching session from Second Kings chapters 18 and 19 reveals one of the most extreme cases of this. Sennacherib, king of Assyria, purposed to invade Jerusalem and destroy it. After sending at least two military campaigns to warn them and put them in fear, God had had enough. Just one swwop of a mighty angel destroys some one hundred and eighty five thousand of the mighty host of the enemies of the Lord. God is loving and forgiving, but he doesn’t play. And those who try it will always end up losing. This might require a strong cup of coffee, or even a Nitro for the faint of heart. But, the one who rescued his people in king Hezekiah’s day will rescue you right now from a life of sin and shame.

God To The Rescue! A bible teaching session from Second Kings chapters 18 and 19.