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SundaySchool: Exhortation To Persevere

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Here is a bible teaching session from the latter part of Hebrews chapter 10. The title is:
Exhortation To Persevere.

Exhortation To Persevere.


WednesdayMorning: Supposition Uproar

This is the latest Wednesday Morning session podcast!
Supposition is a noun, meaning, an uncertain belief. I suppose that something is true, whether I know it is or not. This sermon is entitled:
Supposition Uproar.

Supposition Uproar.

SeniorCitizens: The Eyes Of The Lord

This is the latest podcast from the Senior Citizens nursing home.
Here’s a Bible message entitled: The Eyes Of The Lord.

The Eyes Of The Lord.