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3M: Session With Chris Sanford

Chris Sanford shares his testimony during a recent 3M, Men’s Morning Ministry.

Session With Chris Sanford.


MensFellowship: Even Heaven Has A Wall

One of the neat things about God’s word is, that you can just set up about any old place, and preach or teach it. This time finds us downstairs in the fellowship area of South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church, for a men’s fellowship ministry meal and teaching session, where yes, fellowship with each other around the things of the Lord are promoted.
Here is a message I shared with the brothers about the beautiful city in heaven, the new Jerusalem, which we all who are saved will enjoy eternally when the Lord returns to get us and take us to be with him.
Revelation chapter 21 tells us about the city, and about its Wall, in particular. Without getting political, one can certainly read in the right principles for the day in which we live, and the relevance that this message has for us now. The title is:

Even Heaven Has A Wall.