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WednesdayMorning: Prayer And Pentecost

Welcome to the latest Wednesday Morning Session!
Verses from the book of Acts are used in this sermon, entitled:
Prayer And Pentecost.

Prayer And Pentecost.


SundaySchool: Live To Please God

Welcome For Your Sunday School Lesson!
Here is an in studio teaching session from the book of Malachi, entitled:
Live To Please God.

Live To Please God.

SeniorCitizens: Our Warfare

Here is a bible devotional message given on location with the residents of Senior Citizens nursing home of Henderson, North Carolina.
I was reminded of just how odd it seems that the Lord works in things sometimes. Because, you would not think that the topic of Our Warfare would be appropriate for seniors and older people, those with disabilities, or people whom you certainly would not think of as being able to fight or be involved in warfare. But, as the message clearly shows, this is not a physical warfare. The Christian life and the battles we face are encountered by all people of all ages. May God use this Bible devotional message from verses in Second Corinthians chapter 10, and Ephesians chapter 6.

Our Warfare.