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SeniorCitizens: Not This Man

This is the most recent Senior Citizens nursing home podcast.
Not This Man!
Is a Bible message which shows man’s rejection of a holy God. Israel wanted a king; the people chose Barabbas instead of Jesus; the religious crowd of our day settles for a cheap counterfeit; however, the Savior still waits to enter your heart. Don’t reject him by saying, Not This Man.

Not This Man!


SundaySchool: Living In The Last Days

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Here is a Bible teaching session entitled:
Living In The Last Days.
Paul warns Timothy, his son in the faith, to be aware of the characteristics which describe the last days, in which we are surely living now. Though the world around us is getting worse, God’s people and the spreading of the gospel is not. We are still challenged to be faithful, for we have the words of eternal life.

Living In The Last Days.

UniversalHealthCare: No Power At All

Here is a podcast on location from the Universal Health Care nursing home.
No Power At All!
Is a sermon from John chapter 19, verses 10 and 11, with other verses also. Jesus tells Pilate, You could have No Power At All against me, except it were given you from heaven. God is the only one who truly has original power. Any power we have comes through him.

No Power At All!

WednesdayMorning: Revival Session With Lonny Roads

This Is The Latest Wednesday Morning Session Podcast, Produced By Tony Broome Ministries.
This is a revival session featuring a message by Lonny roads from Acts chapter 16.

Revival Session With Lonny Roads.