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SeniorCitizens: Jesus Of Nazareth

Here is the Senior Citizens nursing home podcast.
All throughout the New Testament, there’s an expression which describes Jesus, our wonderful Lord. It is the title of this Bible message:
Jesus Of Nazareth.

Jesus Of Nazareth.


SundaySchool: Be Established In Christ

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Colossians chapter 2 helps us as believers, to be Rooted, Built Up, and Established in the faith of Jesus Christ. The title of this session is:
Be Established In Christ.

Be Established In Christ.

WednesdayMorning: Missionary Session With Kevin And Summer Sneed

tony Broome Ministries Presents The Wednesday Morning Podcast!
This session features Kevin and Summer Sneed, missionaries to Kennya east Africa.

Session With Missionaries Kevin And Summer Sneed.