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FridayEvening: Israel’s Repentance Is The Key For The Kingdom

Here is a message from a recent Friday evening service, entitled:
Israel’s Repentance Is The Key for The Kingdom!
This Bible sermon from Acts chapter 3, verses 19 through 21, gives to us some R words; such as, Repentance, Regeneration, and Remission, which shows clearly that Israel’s returning to god as a nation will set the stage for, and is indeed the Key for the Kingdom.

Israel’s Repentance Is The Key for The Kingdom!


WednesdayMorning: Renew The New You

This is the most current Wednesday Morning session.
Every born again believer is a new creation in Christ. But even the new you needs to be renewd. This sermon, entitled:
Renew The New You,
will help us do just that. This of course, is a cooperative effort between ourselves and God.

Renew The New You!

SundaySchool: Fellowship In The Gospel

This Is Your sunday School Lesson!
Fellowship In The Gospel!
Is a bible teaching session from the book of Philippians. Paul encourages believers and thanks them for their Fellowship In The Gospel.

Fellowship In The Gospel!

SeniorCitizens: I’m Proud Of You

Here is the latest Senior Citizens nursing home podcast!
All of us from time to time, like to hear the words:
I’m Proud Of You!
This message gives us three ways:

  1. Thanksgiving,
  2. Faith,
  3. Praise and worship;

which, causes our heavenly father to be proud of us.

I’m Proud Of You!