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WednesdayMorning: Why Do We Have Communion?

Here is the most current Wednesday morning session.
This bible message title is in the form of a question:
Why Do We Have Communion?
Exodus chapter 13, verses 8 through 10 tells us that it is because of Celebration, Commemoration, and Anticipation.

Why Do We Have Communion?


SeniorCitizens: God Gives The Increase

Here is the Senior Citizens Nursing Home podcast!
This Bible devotional message is entitled:
God Gives The Increase.
One plants, another waters, but it is God who gives the increase.

God Gives The Increase!

SundaySchool: The Captivity Is Coming

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Ezekiel chapter 12 contains a warning for God’s people:
Captivity Is Coming!
The Lord tries everything he can to reach the nation with his word and turn them back to him. Even so, he has done everything he could to save us from sin and hell.

The Captivity Is Coming!

UniversalHealthCare: Diddy Daddy Duple

You should have been at Universal Health Care nursing home when the following devotional message was given, to see their smiling faces, hear their chuckles and fellowship with the wonderful residents. However, you can hear the audio of this message from god’s word, taken from the first six verses of Zechariah. The most unusual title is:
Diddy Daddy Duple!

Diddy Daddy Duple!