SundaySchool: Follow The Lord Whole-Heartedly

This Is Your Sunday School Lesson!
Most people who are familiar with the Bible knows about Caleb. Against all odds, he and Joshua stood against the majority and stayed true to god. theirs was an honest report. Though in the minority, their report was the report which should have been accepted and acted on by the people. Instead, they accepted the majority, evil report of fear and unbelief. It is amazing how we as humans love darkness rather than light; we would rather believe a lie than the truth. Even when the truth makes more sense and has God’s supernatural blessing behind it, we still insist on going our own way and doing our own thing.
This week’s teaching session is entitled:
Follow The Lord Whole-Heartedly!
Sister Elizabeth Ramsey leads us in the Bible book of Numbers as we find strength and gain courage from Caleb, this faithful man of patience and servant of god. He had to wait 45 years to see his promise of inheritance fulfilled; yet, he never lost faith, hope, nor sight of what god had told him.

Follow the Lord Whole-Heartedly!

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